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How to Trace from a Tablet on Glow Art Kids’ Drawing Boards

Here’s a tutorial video we posted some time back, showing how you can trace from a tablet or iPad on your Glow Art kids’ drawing board.

Our drawing board is very versatile – you can use stencils that you print out on a A4 sheet of paper and put it underneath the drawing surface. You can also download the stencils that come with the product from our website. OR, you can do as we’ve suggested here, and google any of your child’s favourite characters or subjects, place the on-screen picture underneath Glow Art, and trace away!

And of course, once you’ve done that, light up your drawing with the LEDs around the screen, and try all of the different lighting modes that our LED light board has to offer!

Check out the Glow Art light-up Drawing Board for Kids now.