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Kids Alarm Clocks – Personalised Just for Your Child!

At CDK Developments, our two ‘flagship’ products are Glowart (which you know about, that’s why you’re here 😉 ) and Sing My Name personalised gifts for kids.  So… in this little post we’re going to tell you about probably our most famous product, the Sing My Name Kids Alarm Clock!

Kids alarm clock range

If you don’t know this product already, well it looks like a ‘traditional kids alarm clock’, but it’s anything but!  This clock sings a fantastic ‘Wake Up’ song featuring the child’s name when the alarm sounds!  So imagine your child having their very own song that features their name in the lyrics… it’s bound to become their favourite.  And that is what will wake them up every morning!

But a picture is worth a thousand words as they say, but in this case maybe it’s more the audio, but if you want to hear how cool this is, take a quick look at this Youtube clip in the name ‘Olivia’

We hope you’ll agree kids will love this fun alarm clock, but it can also make a cool novelty gift for adults! We’ve had plenty ordered just for fun office gifts, teenagers that are difficult to wake up, and husbands and wives who need a personalised birthday gift that’s going to give them a good laugh!


On to the techy features, it has a high quality ‘scanning’ clock mechanism that doesn’t tick, in fact it’s almost silent, which is a must for many people, a volume control on the rear, and a demo button so children can play their own special song whenever they want. That also doubles as a 10 minute snooze button too!

It’s also a future-proof present, because… you can load your own music!  This cool alarm clock also allows you to connect to your PC with a USB cable and you can load your child’s favourite song (or yours) as the alarm.  Choose an MP3 file and change as often as you like, making this alarm clock a personalised gift kids will never get bored with!

Learning Time!

Because this is an analogue alarm clock, it can help kids learn the time the traditional way. They’ll definitely be more engaged to learn from this clock that sings just for them!

Sleep Training Clock

Another use is as a sleep trainer clock, by telling children to get up only when they hear their name in the personalised music.  And reward them before bedtime with their favourite song featuring their name.  We’ve had many customers who tell us this works a treat!

The clock includes 1 personalised song by default – but if you require additional names loaded you can purchase additional Wake Up songs on our website.

Coolest Kids Alarm Clock on the Planet?

So what do you think? Is the Sing My Name alarm clock the coolest, most unique personalised children’s gift you can give? 😉  We’ve sold over 100,000 all around the world and the main thing that we love is the smiles and laughter it brings to parents and their children when they hear it the first time.

This is actually my cousin, who wanted me to bring one back home when I visited Australia recently. It was amazing to see her reaction, she danced and laughed, as did her Mum! It’s why we do what we do!

kids with alarm clock personalised giftKids dancing to alarm clock


Thanks for reading, as always we’re trying to bring you gifts for children that bring real happiness.  Check out the Sing My Name personalised alarm clock for kids by clicking the link.