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Exercises for Young Children on the Glow Art Kids Drawing Board

Today we’re going to take a look at what we can do with the GlowArt Kids Drawing Board for helping very young children with their early artistic education in drawing, tracing, writing, and early mark making!  This video is aimed at 3-5 year olds who are just beginning to develop these skills.

You can see the full video here – Drawing board Exercises for very young children

First we start off with very basic shapes – this is great to tech early mark making.  Just simple things like squares, triangles, circles to start with. These are simple for us, but not for the youngest kids!

shapes on drawing board

Another great start is their name of course!  Children will always like to learn how to write that that!  But the great trick with this magic pad is if you draw on the back of the drawing board, kids can try tracing on the front without erasing your template!

tracing on kids drawing board

If your boy or girl makes a mistake, you can easily wipe the ink off with a soft cloth, and they can practice over and over again!  When you’re ready to give them a new exercise, turn the drawing board over, and erase your template, and start again!

erasing light up drawing board for kids

So that’s it! Watch the full video and others on our Youtube Channel, to see Tiago fully explain the GlowArt kids drawing board and its many uses and features!

P.S. These are things you can’t do with our competitor’s products like the Glow Pad, because they’re not double sided!