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What can you do with GlowArt?

4-6 Years: Develop hand-eye co-ordination drawing basic shapes; Learn to write by tracing letters and numbers
Make your first creative drawings!  Use as a night light.

5-10 Years: Make spelling and maths fun! Trace your favourite drawings from a book or tablet; develop more advanced art skils; use as a cool sign or reminder board.

10-100+ Years: Advanced art – cartoons, architecture, portraits, perspective drawings

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Suitable for 3 to 100 years old!

Glow art is very popular with kids of all ages. It’s tested safe for 3 years+ to EN71 standards and usually kids will enjoy it from 4 years on, however they may enjoy it earlier depending on your child’s development and interests of course. Its see-through screen allows young children to experiment with drawing/tracing their first shapes and simple art, and learn numbers and letters. Older children will love to use Glow Art to trace their favourite characters from books or tablets, do their homework on it (they’ll certainly be much more interested than doing it on paper!) or create their own original drawings.  Teenagers and adults can make serious works of art that animate and change colour, or even use it as a message board.


Safe and durable

GlowArt is tested to all European standards for children 3+ and is made of high quality ABS plastic with a thick acrylic screen that is extremely durable and won’t break easily! Pens have special safety lids to prevent any choking hazard and the ink is of course non-toxic and washable.

GlowArt is battery powered not AC powered for safety and uses LED lights which consume very little power, meaning batteries really last!

Join the club of over 250 000 happy customers

We’ve sold over 250 000 GlowArt all over the world and the feedback from our customers our team’s main source motivation and pride in our work. Our team demonstrate and sell in the world’s premium stores, such as Harrods and Hamley’s.  Children and their parents love Glow Art with all the fun, educational and artistic capabilities it provides!  Check out the customer comments on this page and product reviews on Amazon to see how much customers love it.
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Portable and perfect for those long car, train or plane rides…

Glow Art doesn’t require to be plugged to an external energy source, that means that you can let your children play during car, plane, train or any other ride without having to hear “are we there yet” every 5 minutes!


Ever changing colours

Every drawing will come to life with Glow Art’s LED light system. By simply pressing one button, children can cycle through 36 different modes with different colour combinations, flashing patterns and transitions. These lights are designed to interact with the UV pens supplied in the package, allowing the colour of the drawing itself to change into new combinations every time!

Replacing pens

Every Glow Art board is shipped with 4 pens. These tend to last a long time, but when you need to replace them you can easily buy more from our website or alternatively any regular non-permanent ‘highlighter’ pens will work, meaning replacements are easily available.

Where to buy

This is our official website, and we are giving you a special discount for shopping direct with us. But you can also find GlowArt on Amazon sold by us and a couple of selected dealers, and in two of the finest retail stores in the world, Hamleys of London and Harrods. This means that it’s always easy to get in touch with us, not only via phone or e-mail but also in person at our retail locations.

Night-light mode

GlowArt has several ‘still’ lighting modes which can be used as a night-light. What better night-light than their own artwork creating a soft glow in the room!

Glow Art is not a tablet!

We believe that the handling of the traditional pen is crucial for the cognitive development of any child. However, children dedicate more and more time using electronic devices such as mobile phones or tablets… Glow Art is a great way to steer children away from those endless YouTube videos or silly games and help them develop their creativity and handwriting!  We guarantee they will enjoy doing their homework a lot more on a GlowArt than a boring old piece of paper!

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Extra content online

We create content such as tutorial videos, stencils and other fresh ideas designed to encourage children to leave their PCs and tablets for a moment and use a more traditional mean of creativity, the good old pen! See our youtube, facebook and instagram channels for inspiring ideas.


About CDK Developments

CDK are world renowned for their personalised alarm clocks, music CDs and MP3 players that sing using your child’s name in the lyrics! Our sister website SING MY NAME has all the information on these products which are great christening, birthday and Christmas/Easter gifts for your newborn through to approximately age 8. Our products are sold in such premium stores as Harrods, Hamleys of London, and Fenwick stores and have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world including many celebrity clients.

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