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Kids' Drawing Boards

At Glow Art, we specialise in kids’ draw boards that glow and light up their art in amazing ways!  We have two different models: Glow Art – the original light-up drawing board for kids, and Sonic Glow Pad – the smaller, portable board that is activated by sound.

Both feature a drawing screen that is see-through for tracing, and both use multi-coloured LEDs to light up the drawing screen.  The fluorescent ink in the 4 coloured neon effect pens, react with the LED lights around the drawing surface, making the ink change colour.  36 different combinations of LED colours, transitions and flashing effects, animate and transform your child’s drawing, making these the most engaging drawing boards you’ll find!

Kids can do so much with their Glow Art Original or Glow Pad, and they are suitable and safe for children from 3 years up.  Very young children can practice early mark making.  Slightly older kids can start to practice drawing by tracing on the see-through screen. School-aged kids can start drawing freestyle, practice spelling, maths and play games. They’ll be much more interested in doing their homework on Glow Art!  Older children and even adults can create serious works of art that will look even more amazing with GlowArt’s neon light transformation effects.

You can also put Glow Art Original into static mode and use as a cool night light, with a message for the morning on the screen. Last but not least, our products make great sensory toys!

Click below on our original Glow Art or the Glow Pad to see more about the best kids’ drawing boards on the market!

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